12 Beautiful Photos Of Post-baby Bodies Without Using Photoshop

12 Beautiful Photos Of Post-baby Bodies Without Using Photoshop

Celebrities love to show off their ” flawless post-baby body” as soon as possible without realizing they can do more harm than good. When we are exposed or bombarded with these kind of images it`s easy to mistake them as some king of standard or something we should strive to achieve as a society.

It`s very vital to represent women as they really are because having stretch marks doesn’t make them less beautiful.

1. Amber H.

Mother of two that also had three miscarriages.

2. Lou C.

A proud mother of four that is currently pregnant with her fifth child.

3. Heather R.

A mother of a 2-year-old daughter that went through very difficult pregnancy and still battles postpartum anxiety.

4. Morgan R.

She got pregnant at 17 with her daughter Lola and fought perinatal depression.

5. Coral C.

She gave birth to her daughter at home even after the doctors advised her against it.

6. Nathan D.

Nathan is actually a transgender man that never removed his uterus.

7. Lauren G.

When giving birth to her three children she went through an emergency cesarean, oversupply issues while breastfeeding and postpartum depression.

8. Ashley U.

A mother of two beautiful daughters that went through severe tearing while giving birth to her oldest.

9. Diana R.

Diana had a healthy and uneventful pregnancy.

10. Vanessa M.

Vanessa`s history is long and filled with battles. At one point she tough she had lost her twins. As for herself, she was forced to do double mastectomy because of risky gene mutation.

11. Jessica Z.

A proud mother of two but unfortunately she lost a baby to miscarriage.

12. Cara G.

Cara struggled a lot with mental health issues before giving birth to her daughter.


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