20 People Who Said They Are ‘Not A Cat Person’

20 People Who Said They Are ‘Not A Cat Person’

There are two types of people out there. Dog people and cat people. However, there are also people who claim or think they don’t like cats, when in fact they do. You see, it works like this; you may not like the cat, but the cat might like you. And they usually end up taking your heart.

There are numerous examples when people who claimed they are ‘not a cat person’, ended up being totally fond of them. In the spirit of that, here’s a collection of people whose love and affection was eventually earned by cats big time.

1. My boyfriend claims he doesn’t like cats. This is what I came home from work to.

2. My dad says he hates my cats, but he seems to be taking selfies with her.

3. I caught my friend who claims he doesn’t like cats doing this.

4. My dad doesn’t like cats but our cat seems to like him a lot.

5. My boyfriend didn’t want to get a cat. Now I’m princess #2

6. My friend just sent me this photo of her dad who said he doesn’t like cats.

7. I wanted to get a cat, but my boyfriend didn’t. Guess whose cat she is now.

8. My dad says he is not a cat person. He recently built them these bunk beds.

9. He wouldn’t let me get a cat for a year, look at him now.

10. When you ask him, he still says that he hates cats.

11. We got my father who hates cats a little kitty 14 years ago, they’ve been inseparable since.

12. My boyfriend who is not a cat person.

13. I never liked cats, but who can say no to this?

14. He didn’t want to hold the kitty.

15. I was worried to bring this orphan cat home because my boyfriend doesn’t like cats. They are now inseparable

16. My dad who doesn’t like cats just sent me this picture.

17. My father never liked cats but look at that now.

18. My boyfriend who is ‘more of a dog person’.

19. My dad who hates cats.

20. My boyfriend who doesn’t like cats fell in love with this orphan kitty.


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