Breaking the Rules! Bride Gets Married in Black Wedding Dress

Breaking the Rules! Bride Gets Married in Black Wedding Dress

Sophie Cachia, a famous Australian blogger decided to do the unthinkable and wear something very different for her wedding. She swapped the traditional white wedding gown for a stunning black dress. To match, her husband wore leather pants, black bow tie, paisley shirt and maroon dinner jacket. What’s most important they did it for themselves.

Looking at the pictures we can safely say that she made the right call. Sophie looks absolutely stunning.

She always wanted something different.

She never saw herself in a white wedding dress.

“My choice had NOTHING to do with the old ‘white wedding dresses are for virgins”

Black is classic, black is bold and hot.

Actually this whole thing is her husband’s idea, he told her to wear black when they got engaged.

I guess the Cachias don`t do anything by the book. They just didn`t see the point of doing something traditional because they are not traditional couple.

The wedding was nothing more than a big party where they served paella and pizza.

Sophie was blown away by the positive response to her dress.

It`s obvious that she doesn’t care about people judgments and opinions.


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