Girl Was Kicked Out of Her Prom For Not Wearing a Dress

Girl Was Kicked Out of Her Prom For Not Wearing a Dress

Aniya Wolf got kicked out of her prom because she was wearing a tuxedo. She got a last minute e-mail from her Catholic high school Bishop McDevitt telling her that her choice of wardrobe is against the school`s dress code that clearly states all girls must wear dresses.

Her mother got very upset and immediately called the school and told them that it’s really unfair and there was nothing in the school’s dress code that forbids her daughter from wearing a tuxedo.

She also stated: “We had gone out and bought a new suit. I think my daughter is beautiful in a suit.”

The brave teen decided to go to her prom wearing her suit despite the school’s warning. Minutes after her arrival the principal grabbed her arm, pulled her aside and threatened to call the police if she would not leave voluntarily.

It was no secret that Wolf is a lesbian that liked wearing more masculine outfits, so her choice to wear a suit was not a surprise to anyone at school.

Here is the school’s statement that was posted on Facebook:

She was not the only one devastated by the school’s decision, even some celebrities and some of her peers gave her the support she clearly deserved.

As a sign of solidarity, all of the female students wore pants in schools the next Monday.

On prom night she posted a photo saying “They can’t take my pride.”


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