H&M Size-16 jeans Are So Unrealistically Small They Are Simply “Ridiculous”

H&M Size-16 jeans Are So Unrealistically Small They Are Simply “Ridiculous”

If H&M thinks I’m too fat, too tall, that I take up too much space to wear their clothes, they’re the ones who need to change,”

Given her smaller clothing size the now “popular’ student on internet Ruth Clemens laments on the fact that these jeans are ”unrealistically small” as she previously put them on in a Leeds Branch.

She reached H&M by writing a post on their official Facebook page in which she wrote “I’m normally a size 14 on my hips (occasionally 16 if buying trousers) so I thought I’d try them on.

It did not go well,” She went on by writing that they should be well acquainted and conscious of the fact that their largest size in stock is 16 aside from plus sized clothes which have limitations in the sense of fashion styles unlike smaller sizes also adding that it doesn’t matter if she is overweight or 5 foot 11 with a pretty average shaped-wise body thus taking into consideration her height it is agonizingly problematic fitting on jeans so unrealistically small.

Right after her post the message instantly became an internet sensation attracting a dizzying number of comments and encouragement of almost everyone affirming that H&M produces smaller sized clothes than its rivals. As she said in BuzzFeed News her decision to snap this shot and post it on Facebook was simply because she just wanted to display this look and show how absurd these jeans looked by commenting on it with her friends.

The student’s snapshot of fitting on a pair of these size-16 jeans in H&M took the internet by storm, resulting in a staggering feedback of 8,000 shares and 68,000 comments.

She was pleasantly surprised that precisely her specific shot attracted so much attention as she posted it without thinking twice, an idea proposed by her friend Kay. In Clement’s opinion, the commentators’ feedback was divided.

In one hand, many of them supported H&M satisfied with their serving of clothing sizes 4 – 6, while others were firmly assuring that it’s not a business responsibility to deliver a variety of sizes.

Given the fact that everyone is different, it’s not preferable to limit their choices and restrict trending fashion styles to one category simply because someone is tall, short, fat or small.

She went on by saying that H&M’s defence asserting that fabric cut is the main key when it comes to the sizing was insufficient, adding that H&M is in the wrongs thinking she is too fat, too tall, or too big taking up too much space for their clothes at the same time requesting in immediate changes on their hand as previously mentioned.

One of the many commentators, portraying herself as a manager at a retailer verified that H&M indeed manufactures smaller clothing sizes than its competition. In addition, the retail manager was asked to answer a very significant question just to provide feedback to the critics and comments about the case which stands against H&M’s vendetta (designing clothes on a “worldwide” level but excluding people who wear larger sizes at the same time).

In defense, a representative of H&M spoke up claiming that every customer is welcomed in all stores worldwide and emphasized their feedback appreciation by adding that H&M is a global brand set in 62 markets and online with all kinds of sizes and various measurements in all categories, but narrowing it down to the fact that fitting on a specific garment may differ due to its style, cut or fabric.


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