Mom Sues Hospital And Gets $16 Million Because A Nurse Pushed Her Baby Back During Birth

Mom Sues Hospital And Gets $16 Million Because A Nurse Pushed Her Baby Back During Birth

Caroline Malatesta and her family were awarded $16 million in a lawsuit that she won against Brookwood Baptist Medical Center in Birmingham, Alabama. In the lawsuit she and her husband J.T. claimed that in an effort to delay the birth of their child the nurse pushed it back into the womb. As bizarre as it sounds this is what really happened and we`ll try to make some sense out of it…
The couple chose this hospital because it promoted natural and healthy childbirth, wireless fetal monitoring, access to birth tubs and an option to walk around during labor. After having delivered three children prior, Caroline wanted to have all options available. They were also lured in by fancy advertising…

Caroline`s water broke earlier than expected and her doctor was not on call. When the labor began the nurses tried to get her to stop pushing and forced her on her back after she tried to move into a more comfortable position.

Waiting for the doctor, one of the nurses even tried to push the baby back into the mother. This agony lasted for 6 minutes until the doctor arrived and delivered the baby a minute later.
Thankfully the baby was fine, but unfortunately, Malatesta had nerve damage in the genital region and now suffers from pudendal neuralgia.

The pain was so severe that she had to move to her parents home for a fulltime care. Now she has to spend most of the day resting in bed or baths, not to mention that her sex life was totally ruined.

For 2 years she was trying to get answers from the hospital, but never got a straight response so she finally decides to sue:

Malatesta’s primary nurse, Melissa Graham, said that the nurses believed that if she pushed, the baby would come out before the doctor arrived…

Today, Malatesta is managing the pain much better, but it still consumes most of her day. According to her the verdict was a wake-up call for all hospitals to take women seriously and review the way they do things and make some changes if needed.
She also hopes that by talking openly about this other women will come forward after going through a similar traumatic experience.


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