These Plus-Sized Women Are Photoshopped by a Facebook Group Just to “Inspire” Them To Lose Weight

These Plus-Sized Women Are Photoshopped by a Facebook Group Just to “Inspire” Them To Lose Weight

Magazines and online media often use Photoshop to correct photos from people that have “imperfections” to make them mlikableable for the public eye. The most common use is in photographs with people and they are usually done with the subject’s consent.

However, recently a group by the name of “Project Harpoon” took a lot of heat for photoshopping plus-size models in order to “inspire” them to lose weight! Furthermore, their intention was to show how much “more beautiful” the models would look if they commit to a regimen of fitness. They manipulated photos just to highlight the difference between how they look now and how they could look in future.
On the other hand, some of these images were submitted by real users just to feel motivated in achieving their goal by losing weight.

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Denise Bidot

Mayara Russi

Tess Holiday


Angela Trovato

Clementine Desseaux

Lena Dunham

Kelly Clarkson

Whitney Way Thore


I have lost over 50kg’s between April and December 2018. Part by myself then part because of surgery. I did it because I was told my pain would disappear when I was thin. I am actually in more pain now than ever, and psychologically I am having issues with the new me. In the mirror I still see me as being massively fat. The only time I realise the difference in my size is when I put on clothes that I either used to wear or when I buy new clothes in smaller sizes. I’ve also developed an eating disorder because I am afraid that everything I eat will make me fat. I hate people saying how good I look and how much better I look.
These people who photoshopped these ladies as an inspiration have no freaking clue what is behind the person in the fat suit. Being thin does change a thing in a persons mind. A thin body with a fat mind is really dangerous. Being thin isn’t the answer. If it were there would be no fat people in the world. If you want to inspire fat people try talking to them, develop non judgemental friendships, accept them as a human being. That would do more than just a freaking photoshopped pic.

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